The Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAGs) structure is a time-tested way to set up your Google Ads account. Here we outline why SKAGs it continues to be one of the most popular organizational methods – and why it can add value to your next Google ad.

Benefits of SKAGs

1. Easy to Grasp and Replicate

As PPC strategies go, SKAGs are simple enough to grasp and implement. This makes them particularly approachable for digital marketers of any skill level. Once you create your first single keyword ad group – you can add multiple ad groups, all following the same underlying ad group structure.

The search terms report from your existing SKAGs is a great source of relevant keywords. This is ideal for building new ad groups that follow the same template. It works in complement with using a negative keyword list. Making sure your ads aren’t competing for the same search terms.

2. More Control Over Ad Targeting

As much effort as you can put into optimizing your landing page and refining your ad copy – the cornerstone of any successful paid strategy is being able to reach a specific target audience with relevant intent.

SKAGs are designed to offer a more granular approach to ad targeting. Giving more control over your reach and ad relevance within Google Ads giving. This in turn optimizes your ad budget.

3. Improved Ad Relevance

The performance of your Google Ads campaign largely depends on how well your ads match the search term that triggered them. Better ad relevance is often rewarded with higher Quality Score and Ad Rank. That’s why proper keyword research is crucial.

Giving a specific keyword its own ad group is a great way to make sure your adwords campaign is tailored to better respond to its ideal search query.

Aim to fine-tune your reach for specific search terms. This makes it considerably easier to narrow the gap between users’ search intent and your ad copy.

4. Higher Click Through Rate

It should come as no surprise that higher ad relevance goes hand in hand with higher Click-Through-Rate. The better your ad matches the search intent of your target audience – the higher your chances of enticing them to click on it.

Aside from the obvious benefit of getting more traffic from your PPC campaign, higher expected CTR is also a contributing factor to your Quality Score at auction time which affects your Ad Rank and CPC.

5. More Tailored Landing Page Experience

Using SKAGs offers a better insight into the search intent of your target audience. Making it easier to ensure a better message match between the search term, the ad they click on and the landing page they end up on.

Optimizing your landing page for a better user experience doesn’t go unnoticed by Google. It often contributes to a higher Quality Score as well.

6. Better Quality Scores

Google’s assessment of how much effort you’re putting into optimizing your keywords and ads plays an integral role in maximizing the conversion rate potential of your efforts as a ppc marketer.

Introducing SKAGs into your Ad campaign should have a positive impact on your Quality Score. Making it easier to maintain a good Quality Score once you obtain it.

Aside from bragging rights, getting a consistently high Quality Score comes with a number of perks. Such as: higher ad positions, lower Cost-Per-Click, and a better insight into what it takes to create quality ads.

7. Improved Ad Rank

Better quality ads have a way of finding their way to higher ad positions. Being further in line for users’ consideration often means the difference between getting a new lead or losing it to a competitor who had higher Ad Rank. The real challenge, however, is to climb the SERP ladder without increasing your bids.

Investing a bit of time in maintaining a higher Quality Score goes a long way. This will help lowering your CPC and getting better ad positions. Pair that with improved ad relevance and custom-tailored copy designed to resonate with your target audience. Now you have the makings of a very promising Google Ads campaign.

Since you’re focusing on a single keyword per ad group – higher Ad Rank is essential. You get your fair share of impressions and make the most of each of the multiple keywords you’re going for. With Fiuti, you have access to a keyword tool that generates tons of relevant keywords. As well as one that combines different match types.

8. Lower Cost-Per-Click and Cost-Per-Conversion

Another noteworthy benefit of the Quality Score increase you get from using SKAGs is lower Cost-Per-Click. Consider this Google’s incentive program to reward quality ads with higher ad positions at lower costs.

Cheaper clicks often lead to lower Cost-Per-Conversion as well. This means that a SKAG campaign might yield more conversions. While being given the same budget as a more conventional Google Ads campaign.

Not only do you get a chance to attract more traffic for less money. The traffic you get from a SKAG campaign is, by design, more relevant and therefore more inclined to convert.

9. More Transparent & Optimized Ad Spend

Wasted ad spend can have a considerable impact on your ROI. The granularity of a SKAG campaign gives you a chance to prioritize high-performing keywords and ad groups. You can make sure you’re getting the most out of your paid search engine marketing budget. Avoid wasting resources on less relevant keywords/traffic.

10. Higher Return on Investment.

Getting more bang for your PPC bucks is the ultimate goal for any paid search strategy. The Single Keyword Ad Group structure is designed to do just that. If done right, a SKAG campaign can organically boost your CTR. While lowering your CPC without relying on your undivided attention to maintain it.

All these benefits wouldn’t be worth much if you couldn’t easily scale your advertising campaign. This can be done as your business starts to grow and expand. It is easy to tweak and optimize SKAG campaigns. You should have no issue identifying more opportunities to improve your ROI even further.

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