If you want to drive users and customers to your site, you are going to need a presence on Google. No one is going to intuitively guess your full URL, but they will definitely do keyword searches related to the goods or services they are looking for. If you want to capture that traffic, you should be building Google Ads that relate to the search terms your customers are using. You need to target the right keywords.

For example, let’s say you make and sell artisan almond butter. People looking for that product might search for things like “organic almond butter” or “nut butter”. If you build Google Ads that specifically target those keywords, searchers will be more likely to find your company. But before you start building ads, you need to know which keywords your audience uses, and how much those keywords are going to cost you. For this, you need a Google keyword analyzer tool.

Using an Analyser Tool to Find the Best Keywords

Not all keywords are created equal…some are commonly used and are therefore expensive, others are cheap but rarely used by searchers. Finding the right keywords for your google ppc campaign will take some dedicated effort. The good news is that there are tools available to help you.

If you want to stay within the Google Suite, you should start with the Google Keyword Planner. This tool will help you discover new keywords. All you have to do is go to the “discover new keywords” tab and type in words that relate to your product or service. Using the example above, you can type in terms like “almond butter”. The Google Keyword Planner Tool will present a list of related keywords that you may not have thought of, like “peanut butter alternative”. These are keywords you should consider building ad groups and campaigns around in order to drive users to your site.

Side note, the Google Keyword Planner tool is not your only option. There are several third-party keyword analyser tools like WordStream, and SEMRush. We even offer a Keyword planner tool here on Fiuti, which is what we recommend you try!

Forecasting Performance with a Google Keyword Analyser Tool

Once you have generated some keyword possibilities, you are going to want insight into how likely they are to perform. Some keywords will be more competitive than others. You are looking for a keyword with a high search volume, but a low cost. A Google Analyser tool will display historic trends and search volume data for each keyword. It will also provide you with performance forecasts based on what the average bids are for each term as compared to your budget.

For example, if the average bid for the search term “organic almond butter” is much higher than your budget, the forecast tool will tell you that this is not a term that will perform well for you.

Key Takeaways

single keyword ad group
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You should never start an Adwords campaign without doing some keyword research first. Strategic adword campaigns lead to more clickthroughs and higher conversion rates. Get familiar with a Google keyword analyser tool now and start building more thoughtful campaigns that are more likely to result in business for you.

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