The Single Keyword Ad Group (SKAG) method uses a single key word in an ad group to allow you to target different ads. You can learn more about what SKAG campaigns are and why you should be using them here.

Having a great account structure in Google Ads is one of the most important factors to attaining ROI positive campaigns.

With Fiuti’s SKAG tool, you can generate the perfect ad campaign within minutes.

Here is how you get started with your SKAG campaign:

1. First, select your keywords

If you have a list of desired keywords, drop them into the editor:

If you don’t have your list of keywords yet or are looking for new ones to use, discover new ones with our keyword planner by clicking “find new keywords” at the bottom of the editor.

Enter some keywords or use a site as a starting point to find their keywords. Sort results by competition & volume.

Select desired keywords and hit “CREATE A NEW CAMPAIGN” at the bottom of the tool to use them as the base of your ad campaign.

You can also use our mixer tool to generate a diverse range of new keywords in seconds using existing words:

Input keywords — add or remove boxes to add more variation types to create multiple keywords in bulk.

When using the mixer, the match type should be “Broad” for best results as the results will generate your root keyword list, and you can generate all match types from there.

2. Next, choose the match types to include in the SKAG

Fiuti will automatically generate the match types you select.

There are three different match types to focus on when search engine marketing:

  1. Exact → Exact match will show your ad to searches that either exactly or veryyyyyy closely match your term
    • Exact matches are expressed like this: [advertising agencies]
  2. Phrase match → Phrase match ads will show your ad on searches that match a phrase or close variation of that phrase, adding more words before and/or after ONLY. Your keyword phrase stays intact.
    • Phrase matches are expressed like this: advertising agencies
    • It can appear for searches that have words before or after the phrase but not in the middle, eg:
      • Would appear for: advertising agencies in Detroit
      • Would NOT appear for: advertising and marketing agencies
  3. Modifier → Modified broad match allows ads to show on searches that contain the selected, modified term, in any order.
    • Modified broad match types are expressed like this: +advertising +agencies
      • With modified searches, you can appear for the kind of search query that’s relevant but maybe not something you would have thought of

Broad match: we don’t advise focusing on pure broad match match type for SKAGS: broad match is the default campaign type. It shows your ad for terms that Google deems relevant and related. While it is useful during the discovery process of a campaign, you will likely spend a lot of money before seeing much ROI because the results can be soooo broad. Use it at your own discretion!

3. Thirdly, add unique dynamic ads and extensions

You can customize your ppc campaign with extensions directly from Fiuti. Extensions allow you to add more information to your ad, therefore increasing ad relevance and making it more attractive for users to click on.

Start by selecting the kind of extension you want to create.

Once you have selected one, you can add others from this page:

[Note*] you can preview a variety of multiple ad groups here, however changing specific ads here will change all ad groups. In the next section after this you will be able to edit ads individually for each ad group.

Hover over the ad and select edit to start customizing it:

Input your ads information here. Find synonyms for words in the box to the right of the input.

Types of extensions:

  • 1) Expanded text extension: + EXP. TEXT AD

expanded text extentions for Google Ads campaigns Expanded text ads allow multiple relevant headlines and descriptions to be added to your ad.

Here is how to add those elements in:

  1. Add your landing page URL followed & any specific paths you want to take users to
  2. Add up to 3 headlines
  3. Customize further with 2 descriptions
  • 2) Call extension: + CALL ONLY AD

Call-only ads are designed to encourage people to call your business, and can appear only on devices that make phone calls. When a potential customer clicks your ad, the ad places a call to you from their device. Here is how to add those elements in:

  1. Add your display URL & business name
  2. Customize your phone number
  3. Add your headlines and descriptions
  • 3. Responsive extension: +RESP. SEARCH AD

Search ads allow Google to automatically test different combinations of descriptions + headlines and learn which combinations perform best.

Here is how to add those in:

  1. Input your URL & 2 optional paths
  2. Add headlines and chose to pin them in place or let Google optimize them for the best placement
  3. Remember to add descriptions and chose to pin them in place or let Google optimize them for best placement

Add custom variables:

You can import variables from any spreadsheet editor like Google Sheets or Excel.The first row is the variable name (the one you use in your ads). You can name variables anything you want. The first column is the name of your ad group. Everything else is the values of your custom variables. Do not enter the URL of a spreadsheet, simply copy/paste the entire data/values

4. Finally, review your ADs

Now that your ads and extensions are set up, you can customize further by hovering over each ad to edit the specific ad or skip that extension from being part of the ad group by selecting “SKIP”.

Save as CSV File and upload into your adwords account:

Et voila! You’re done! Go back any time and grab the download from your logged-in account.

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