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Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAGs) can drastically increase your quality score 🚀🚀🚀. Incorporate this marketing strategy into your Google ads campaigns (or others) to have a bigger impact with your ads.

With Fiuti’s tool you may increase your matches by 30% or more, generating thousands of different ad groups. It will generate your campaign in seconds, even cross matching ad groups to generate unique negative keyword lists for each ad group.

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Online tools for Ad Group Campaigns

Keyword planner

Try out our keyword planner with vast resources and databases to build your SKAGs in minutes. Create a list of new and relevant keywords easily, type in a word now and see how it works.

Campaign builder

Generate hundreds of Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAGs) in minutes. Save time and create amazing campaigns with our SKAG generator tool. It’s easy to use.

Download your campaign as a Google Ads editor compatible CSV file.


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Ads & Extension Generator

Append and prepend keywords. Add more relevant information to your ads and test variants so they stand out. Improve your exposure by incorporating these aspects.

Keyword mixer

Combine keywords to generate a more comprehensive list of new ones, using our keyword mixer tool. It can help you find new keywords in seconds, making your ads worth their value, by finding the right keywords to advertise your products/services. Don’t waste any more money or time, try it now!



What is a SKAG
A SKAG or Single Keyword Ad Groups are groups of ads designed around one specific keyword. Once the keyword is chosen, you set the group of words to match it to be as specific as possible with your ad.
How SKAGs work
SKAGs focus your ads on a specific keyword, this way maximizing their effectiveness when someone searches for that word. It is one of the easiest ways to track the performance of ads and improve exposure to your audience.
How to set up SKAGs

There are mainly two ways to set up SKAGs, it can be done manually with a typical keyword planner or using a SKAG builder/generator (keyword planner with SKAGs as an objective).
1) Identify your primary keyword (research before building skag campaign)
2) Set up ad group
3) Bid and Create ads
4) Replicate them as you need
5) Track them (find their effectiveness)

Manually developing your SKAGs is a good way to start but if you want to be time efficient and use real tools to make SKAGs work better, it is always recommended to use a skag generator.

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“Before, it took me about 5 hours just to get my SKAG structure right. The amount of work required was immense. Fiuti literally cut that down to less than 30 minutes & has saved me a significant amount of time. I cannot recommend this tool enough.”
Kenn Constales

Monolith Growth

“Fuiti has been an amazing tool that just keeps getting better! As an agency, Fuiti saves several hours of time creating single keyword ad groups on each new account. For the price you can’t beat it.”
Preston Powell


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