A pay per click ad campaign (or PPC campaign) can be one of the most effective channels of bringing in relevant traffic to your site when using search engine marketing. Setting one up can require extensive research for keywords you should be bidding for. There are a variety of ppc web tools that can be used to make the task easier. Some of the most important ones include a keyword mixer, keyword planner, and ads & extension generator. Here, you will learn in further detail about keyword mixer tools and how they can benefit your next campaign.

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What Is A Keyword Mixer And How Is It Helpful?

Efficient selection and organization of keywords and ad groups are critical to building a successful campaign. This is why a keyword mixer is a powerful keyword tool for any marketer who wants to add new and relevant keywords to a list of search topics within moments by automatically generating all possible combinations. These combinations are based on the prefixes, root keywords, and suffixes of choice. It saves time and leads to a higher quality score, thus maximizing relevant traffic to the targeted site and lowering cpc.

There are a variety of keyword mixer tools for you to choose from. Here are some of our favorites:

Search Bloom

With Search Bloom, you can divide your root keyword list into three separate sets. Click “merge” to see all possible combinations of the words you chose. You can also subscribe to Search Bloom and leave feedback regarding how well their keyword tool is working for you.

Synapse ads

With Synapse ads, you can sign up for a free account using your Google Ads sign in information. This keyword mixer tool breaks up keywords into categories “A”, “B”, “C”, and “D”. You can add a negative keyword list as well as save keyword configurations into the keyword mixer tool.


Kombinator‘s keyword mixer is similar to that of Search Bloom’s. To start, type multiple keywords into the three boxes provided, and click the button that says “Kombinate!”. You can customize your settings regarding keyword match type and keyword separator.


How could we leave Fiuti out of this one? Input your desired keywords and keep in mind that you can add or remove boxes to add more variation types and create multiple keywords in bulk. The match type should initially be set to “Broad match type” for best results as the results will generate your keyword list, and you can generate other match types from there. In fact, the keyword mixer tool is especially helpful with “Exact match type” and “Phrase match type”.

If you want a visual demonstration on how to use our keyword mixer, check out the first of 4 steps on how to use Fiuti on our site. Then you’re all set to get started.

Yes, it’s that important!

There are a variety of critical factors to the success of an advertising campaign, and having the right number of combinations in your keyword list is one of them. As time progresses, keywords are increasingly focusing on searcher intent. Search term relevance is the deciding factor between a high or low conversion rate. As a ppc marketer, you’re too busy to manually type out all possible keyword combinations in order to more likely match with a search query. A keyword mixer is an efficient tool and completely worth incorporating into your ad budget.

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